26 Aug 2020

We’re still here, we’ve been busy

As non-essential retail has been reropening over the past month we’ve been really encouraged at being able to send some of our teams back in-store to represent our clients and support retailers and shoppers alike - doing what we do best. It’s taken a lot of work and planning to make this happen. In fact we’ve been really busy during lockdown.

We’ve been there for our clients throughout, providing advice and support throughout as well as managing their teams and getting the back to work plan activated.

We’ve been adapting how we do things, with teams converted to providing virtual/digital support and training to 1000’s of Retail Sales Advisors and call centre staff.

We’ve been looking to the future by investing in new digital services to enable us to extend our expertise to online retail.

And we’ve been there for our people, providing reassurance, communications and training and indeed our team has grown as we’ve also been busy hiring.

We’ve been resilient and demonstrated that we understand the sector

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